Thursday, September 4, 2008

24 days until nuptuals

So last night, I guess I realized I have been having some wedding jitters. After spilling all to Matt a big sense of relief washed over me. I never thought *I* would be the one to have wedding nervousness, we have a baby together for cripes sakes! Very early in our relationship I knew that someday we would get married, I even told my mother that the first time she met him. He said he is't nervous at all, so it seems like things are opposite of how they should be? Is it opposite day?? I'm going to put my pants on backwards!

As a side note, I just found THIS SITE and am creeped out. I didn't make this or submit to it, and.. the date is wrong. Weird.

Anyways, Matt has a day off for the first time in forever... I am not going to fritter it away by hiding out on the internet all day. See ya's!

PS: don't forget I have the little shoutout box thing.. it feels lonely and sad. It is making this face :( If it continues to get underused I shall have to remove it and then it will be making this face :'(


Melissa said...

You know, let me tell you a funny story about a girl who had wedding jitters and a guy who did not.

She was so nervous about her wedding day that she actually broke into tears on several occasions worrying about things like tripping, falling, stumbling, and stuttering. He worried not one bit.

She spent all kinds of time and energy making sure everything would be perfect, from her dress, to the photos, to the vows, to every last piece of food at the reception. He just sat back and let everything happen.

She took three days off work to run errands and make sure everything would be taken care of, not relying on friends or family to do it for her because, God forbid, one of them might mess it up and then everything would be ruined. He just rolled with the punches.

Then came the big day. They walked down the aisle. They stood as the minister gave his prayer. Then it came time for the vows. She recited hers perfect. He... well... he called himself Melissa and then she couldn't stop laughing the rest of the ceremony!


Hope that helps you not worry so much. ;-)

Chelsea Van Tol said...

That does make me feel a bit better :) I want to have fun at the wedding! cute story