Friday, September 12, 2008

Didn't I say I was leaving for a while?

Here I am, already blogging after making a post only TODAY about not blogging.. but I had a thought I just had to write down.

An old friend messaged me tonight. We chatted for a bit, and I realized while I was filling them in on everything that had happened in my life since we last spoke that I have sure done a heck of a lot this past year.

First, we moved 5166 km (3210 miles for Americans) across the country. Matt was going home, I was going very far from home. Thank god that my mother moved out too, saying I couldn't take her grandchild hostage. Next, we had a baby! A baby that arrived 6 days early no less, when all of our belongings had arrived late. I came home to boxes, and lots of them. And now we are about to get married, 5166km from where we live.

So I have deduced that I am indeed crazy. And that I should probably give myself a little more credit for everything I have somehow pulled off this year, and the person that I have become.

And now I'll stop being sassy and really not blog anymore until October!!


Lily said...

moving is a huge endeavor. anyone who pulls that off without going nuts deserves to be proud

pakosta said...

what a bummer!
i just found your blog today and now you stop blogging!!!!!! hope you are back SOON! love your etsy tags toO!

Paper Girl Productions said...

I just found your blog too and love it! I really love your banner as well :)
See you in October!