Friday, September 5, 2008


So, last night I stumbled across a few articles about starting up an etsy shop and I realized there were a lot of things I hadn't thought of. SO, I contacted a web designer and am hoping to get a professionally designed site/shop. I know when *I* shop etsy, I usually favorite shops that have the look of a brand... so I need to develop my brand. Not going to give away any secrets but the plan I have will be pretty good I think :D I'm also planning on really working on my studio and making it a great place to be, because as a customer myself I am always very interested in the creative workspaces of the people I buy from. Anyways, that brings me to this:

That is one shot of my very, very messy craft room. That is actually the entry door... I have to do some quick manuevering to get in here without stepping on something or breaking my neck. With baby and Wedding and life in general, it just is not a focus. Things get shoved in here when I just don't want to deal with them, and look what it has become! So my plan is to overhaul this room, armed with an organization book and the ideas I have in my head for the perfect 'Chelsea' space. I plan on documenting the process with photos as I do. Here are a bunch of shots I took last night. I had actually already cleaned the desk somewhat at this point.. believe it or not.

This is a chandelier I purchased at a Home Hardware garage sale for $15 and the spraypaint I plan to use on it. I half opened it, and then left it all in the middle of the floor.

A shot of part of my cabinet and paper rack. The door fell off of the cabinet months ago and I never did fix it. I started to put up 'curtains' on the doors to make them pretty, and only did one.

This table is supposed to be where the sewing machine and paper cutter live. The paper cutter is currently downstairs on the kitchen table, because I couldn't use it here any longer. Random paper scraps, completed scrapbook layouts, and other things clutter the table. Usually I stick things here from the doorway that I mean to clean up and put away later, but that doesn't happen.

This is a little letter writing desk next to the computer desk. Isn't too badly messy right now, just a few things on top that don't belong. Like a trivia game, bathing suit, and curling iron. Hideous green blinds that came with our apartment.

The work area/non computer area of the desk. I actually cleaned this up a LOT before this photo was taken last night (it was mid cleaning that I thought photos of all this were necessary). I painted and installed all the shelves myself. If you click on the bigger image, you can get a better view of the pretty trim I added onto the bottom of the shelves.

Another shot of the entry way/floor.

More desk, from another view. Now you can see the top of the doorless cabinet. At least the cabinet itself is not overly messy, it makes tidying much easier.

And finally, the closet. The things on the top shelf are oozinator squirt guns (youtube the commercial, you will laugh/possibly be disgusted) that we found for $2 at superstore a couple years ago and have been saving ever since for the most opportune moment. It is difficult to find situations where shooting ooze and people/things is appropriate. :P

It's super embarassing for me to reveal this terrible mess, but I figure if it helps other people organize their studios, or even provides anyone with entertainment it will be worth it. Plus I think it will be a great motivator for me to GET IT DONE!! :) The original goal was to open my etsy store by October to get in on the Christmas market. Now I'm not sure that will happen, but I still want to try and get as much done as I can by then.

The plan for today is to find the floor at the very least. I shall update with more photos of my progress tomorrow!


aimee! said...

Saw this today and thought of you:

Also, if you need any designers I think I know some good ones. I just bought a domain and am getting her to help design mine too :)

Courtney von T said...

i can't wait to see your etsy store! i too have been organizing my scrapbooking stuff but i only have 1/8th of your stuff so i can only imagine how much more daunting/difficult it is!
You go girl!

littlethings1 said...

Was fun to see your craft room & that you are brave enough to take photos and put them on your blog ! Will look forward to the end result !! You can come & organize mine it turns into a giant mess when I create!! Best to you in opening an Etsy shop , will be fun to see your creations !!
The Little Things

Camilla/floweret said...

yeah, really understand that you feel an urge to organize your space since your favourite blogg are the one that Chez Larsson has... love to see your mess... Ive just packed away all my stuff and are now trying to put it all back...without the mess... see yah at flickr!

Melissa said...

I totally understand how you feel! I posted a disaster photo the other day and it really hasn't gotten much better since!

Good luck!

Mariangeles M said...

Did you finally find the floor?? :-)

Chelsea Van Tol said...

Not yet... the floor is definitely more visible tho