Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello Dear Readers :)

Ahhh, this post is *so* hard for me to write :( I have to take a short break from this blog - but I promise I will be back! I have been really sick, and am so stressed out, worrying about a blog isn't something I should be doing. Mentally I have just been feeling terrible.. all of the wedding stuff is really getting to me. I think I cried for an hour yesterday. Anyways - the point of this post is to say that I will be back posting regularly at the beginning of October (you never know - I may sneak in occasional posts before then) and *hoping* to launch my etsy store by the end of October.

I am so sad about this... the blog finally has a decent amount of readers and I know it will decline so much from me taking a break. I've been working so hard to get people interested in this blog and the Paper*Cakes store that this feels like such a big loss. Ah well :) Real life comes first... I'm getting married and I should be excited about that!!

If you want me to email you when I am back to posting, please reply and leave me your email. If you aren't comfortable leaving your email out in public, my email is

So check back in October. I am planning a big re-launch with a new blog layout and maybe a contest or two! If that isn't moivation to keep reading I don't know what is ;P


Alexandra said...

i love your blog.... enjoy your wedding getaway. I planned my sister's destination wedding and everybody had a wonderful time. It just went by so quickly after the months of preparing it. Remember to take a deep breath and live in the moment. Any true blog subscribers will wait until you feel better. I love your work! said...

It sounds like this is the perfect time to take some time for yourself! Take care and try to ENJOY it! Do one stress-relieving thing for yourself each day. Sending positive thoughts!