Monday, October 6, 2008

Bored... procrastinating..

Matt is home early today, and I haven't accomplished much. So far I:

- wiped the kitchen counters down really well
- took a suitcase and a bin upstairs (did not unpack anything yet)
- cleaned out my email inbox

I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed, with so much yet to do. It sure is nice to have Matt home during the day though. 3:30 and he is home and napping with Jude. I have been peeking at them and they look pretty dang cute together......

In an effort to further prolong doing my chores, I wanted to share a few images I loved today while browsing the most recent uploads by my flickr contacts.

By Jek in the Box. This is her headboard, with some halloween decorations placed on top. What a lovely color she has on her walls.. and that headboard! Wow gorgeousness :)

By Lucy Folch. Isn't this layout just so beautiful? I love how it has so many 3-d elements, and a real branch. Totally breathtaking.

By Creative Breathing. Elizabeth (remember her? she made this lovely heart)is one of my favorite people on flickr, and she made this cute robot from an original pattern. She is so talented with sewing/stitching and is one of the sweetest people I have met in the crafting world so far!

Ok, now I am off to..


Lily said...

cute stuff. Hope you got some work done

♥ Nia said...

I'm Nia from Portugal :) I just saw some of your works in flickr ;)
It's funny to find that second picture... it's portuguese! lol!! :D

Nice blog! :)
Kisses from the other side of the world =)

PS: sorry for any mistake... :p