Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm so tired. I slept in, AND had a nap with mr baby today already. Too much sleep maybe? All I know is I need to find the solution soon.

I'm still struggling with the battle of the messy house, but I had a realization today as I was laying in bed. I have too much stuff!! I see an idea I like, try to accomplish it, aqcuire all items needed to do it.... and then never get it done (or do it waaaay after I had hoped to). So in an effort to de-clutter my home and get some projects completed I am going on a two week buy nothing challenge. I figure if nothing new is coming in - I can figure out what to do with what is already here. I promise to update along the way with my progress (or lack of, lol).

And just so this post isn't completely boring... here are a bunch of cute throw pillows I found on etsy today!

I really love the red striped ones. They look easy to make... and I have some old boring beige curtains..... hmmmmm :)


Lily said...

good luck...sounds like a good plan. I am yawning in class as I read this

Helena said...

Oh gosh, good luck to you on that, and if you do alter your curtains make sure to show us!