Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fabulous FALL!

Hello readers!! :) I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday, I know I am! For all of you Canadian readers, please make sure that you don't forget to get out and vote today (preferably NDP - Canada needs a leader with a badass moustache!).

It's only 2pm here and I have had quite the full day already! Jude and I ran some errands this morning, and I have oficially started my Christmas shopping. I went looking for this:

But alas, I did not find it. However, since I was in the bookstore already, I did a little bit (and when I say little bit I mean I was in the store for over an hour) of browsing. For the first time, I allowed myself to visit the Children's book section. Here is what I left with:

There were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many books with gorgeous illustrations! And waaaaay too many of those gorgeously illustrated books also happened to be on sale. I paid full price for only one, with the rest costing between $2 and $5. Oh and I did pay full price for the cd (you can't tell in the photo, but is lullaby renditions of radiohead songs, cool hey?).

Here are a couple of badly shot photos from the book "Vunce upon a time", the one I paid full price for. I just couldn't resist this cool artwork, and I figured that we needed at least one Halloween book!

And these are some shots from a couple of the other books. Don't you just love the colors in all of the illustrations? When I was a child I always treasured books like these ones... obviously I still do ;) I hope to get back to the bookstore sometime soon because there were a lot more books calling to me! Especially the large Alice in Wonderland with original illustrations, and I really want to pick Jude up a copy of Goodnight Moon.

After the bookstore, we had one more stop to make.

Gorgeous, right? These road side self serve vegetable stands are very common here in PEI, and of course now that fall has arrived they all prominently feature pumpkins. I had driven by this particular pumpkin patch about twenty times and never had any cash on me or didn't have time to stop, so I planned a special trip. You see pumpkin patches like this every 10 homes or so, but this one is HUGE and beautifully arranged. The pumpkins we picked up are very good quality, better than any I have seen in the grocery store so far and the best part, pumpkins at this patch only cost $1! I got a jumbo pumpkin, 6 mini pumpkins, 9 ornamental gourds, and 4 regular sized pumpkins for only $13 (I threw $15 in the box because these pumpkins are grown and harvested by the family's 5 kids and the money goes to them). There were even two very friendly little kitties there to greet us, and follow us around. Jude loves kitties so they made fast friends :) Of course, I couldn't resist taking lots of photos!

Our plan is to attempt to carve something like this with the jumbo pumpkin:

And maybe something like this with the smaller ones:

These ideas are both from Martha Stewart (of course, I love Martha!!), here is a link to the raven project with step by step photos and instructions, and the silhouette project as well if you want to give either it a try.


tinydancer said...

yay! i can leave you a messsage! ive actually typed this out once but then i had to sign up so i'm typing it all again! i know really want one of those christmas books and will be on the hunt for it so if i find them i'll get you one. also where is that pumpkin place? it look amazing and i need pumpkins for halloween! and its good the kids get the pennies :)

Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

How fun! And great prices too...even better!

Grace@PoeticHome said...

All those pumpkins are stunning! We sadly don't have pumpkin patches like that where I live, but I shall live vicariously through your photos :) I look forward to seeing what beauty you carve!


I love the ideas for those pumpkins.... And oh my I havent even though of starting Christmas shopping.. You go girl

iSew said...

I've got that Martha Stewart magazine on my coffee table right now. You can have mine if you want it. I looked through it once and it's just not my cup of tea. I'd be happy to send it to you, just get in touch with me. :)

Chelsea Ling said...

Oh thanks Ginny that is so sweet!! But I did find it (and purchased it) yesterday!