Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cooking at home and more

Both the food processor and indoor grill we purchased with Wedding gift cards have sure come in handy already! In addition to making a bunch of baby puree, we have been using both regularly to prepare meals. Here is tonight's:

Look good? :) It was delicious! We had grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, tabbouleh, garlic cheesy bread, and home made sweet potato chips with a home made sauce as a garnish. I used the food processor to both grate the cheese and cut the potatoes.

I also managed between fussy baby moments to put away a few baskets of laundry, sort through Jude's clothing and remove that which no longer fits (he has grown so much that he is now into a 12 month size!), unpack my two suitcases (finally!!!), load and unload the dishwasher 3 times (dinners like that sure make a lot of dishes), put together one of my new shelves, fill out 10 thank you notes, generally tidy up the living room/kitchen, and partially organize the entry way closet. It has been tough getting back into the cleaning/home mode... but I think I am doing OK now despite the slow start.

Matt received a large GST cheque from the government last night, and we also received two late wedding wedding cards. You can never beat money in the mail and we were not expecting anything from the government at all - AWESOME! We went out for Chinese to celebrate and I purchased the shelves I posted about yesterday!! One is put together already and the closet is looking great. Once I am done I will post some photos.... unfortunately I forgot to take before photos :( I promise to remember for the next closet makeover.

And just for fun, check out these cuuuute ribbon spool dolls:

A new flickr friend makes these - aren't they amazingly sweet?! She has made many different varieties and hand paints them all! She is so talented, and has a cute family to boot. Please have a look at her etsy shop and flickr photos! You won't regret it!

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food looks delish! yum!