Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shelves shelves shelves!

Yay! It is just noon here and I am already feeling accomplished! The baby is down for a nap and so far today I have vaccumed, compeleted the october family budget, and researched online the shelves I am going to buy for the closets. I had been trying to find some used shelves, but had no luck, so I found some reasonably priced at Zellers and will go pick them up this evening :) I know I said I was on a no buy.... but I am having trouble cleaning up when there are no places for things to do. And just because I am a nerd, here are some photos of the shelves I plan to get....

Going to get two of these, one for the downstairs closet and one for the craft room closet. I have a bunch of photo boxes for storing craft supplies that I plan to put on the one in the craft room, and baskets for things like mittens for the downstairs closet.

And four of these, two for each closet. I will stack them and turn them on their sides to form cubes on the upper shelves of the closet. One will be for the craft room for storage, and one for the Jude's room. For the shelves in jude's room I plan to use them to store extra clothing, shoes, and toys.

So, that's my plan. I hope it works! I will report back soon with photos if it does :)


creative breathing said...

I love that you are a nerd, ditto here! I finally found your blog, it is so, so cute. You have such great decorating sense! E

KayEllen said...

Adorable blog banner:)So nice to meet
I'll be back to see more of your blog

See you on flickr,


Lily said...

i have a bunch of the second ones and they are a god send! Perfect size to hold photo boxes but not take up too much space. Great choice