Friday, October 3, 2008


So, who is excited about Christmas?! I know, I know, I am early..but I am just so excited already!! :) This year we are having Christmas dinner at our house for the first time ever, and I want to make it as awesome as I can so I am starting now! I actually bought my first ornament of the year last night, but I am hoping to be able to buy mostly handmade gifts (or better yet, make my gifts) this year. I have scouted out all of the Christmas craft fairs in my area, cutting out the newspaper announcemements and pinning them to my fridge. My husband thinks I am nuts :) So, as kickoff to pre-Christmas I am going to post some of my favorite christmas items found recently on etsy!


ittybittybirdy said...

I'm ready too.... i've been working on my crafts for a couple months now but there is oh so much more to do. I am having a candy theme christmas! I am jealous! I really want to have christmas dinner at my house!!!

Love the wreath! So CUTE!

Lily said...

rofl, I can't even begin to thing about christmas until after ahalloween

barbjensen said...

Those deer gifts tags are great!
I love etsy.
But I am just not ready to think about Christmas just yet...

♥ Nia said...

Oh another Christmas lover!! :D
Here there is no halloween so... christmas time!!! :D

I'm in love with that second photo!! The sweetest thing =)

I'm already working on some gifs, handmade gifs are the best! :D