Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stuck in a slump...

I am finding it so hard to get back into the swing of things since coming home. I'm getting lots of sleep, but I still have no energy. Yesterday I burned myself pretty badly with scalding hot water making baby food... so that has made it even harder for me to get up off my butt and get stuff done!! Trying to chip away the big list slowly :) I did accomplish a few little things today, and I felt like I needed to write them down as a little "pat on the back" to myself.

Last night/today I:

- set up the new wireless adapter on the upstairs computer. Yay, Internet in the craft studio again!!
- did some christmas planning. We're having dinner here for the first time and I want it to be great.
- unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. A boring chore, but had to be done especially after all of my cooking yesterday.
- tidied the main floor a bit. My goal for now is just to get everything into the area it belongs in and work on putting it away later.
- started my Christmas ornaments. I have 9 balls in the making, hope to be done soon!
- made 8 ice cube trays of baby food puree. I know, I did this yesterday.... but I think it deserves some credit :P I am hoping to post some photos of this process as soon as I manage to unpack the camera. Jude was testing as I was cooking, and judging by the lack of "yuck" faces he made, I think I came up with some good recipes to share. Making baby food is so cheap and relatively easy!

Tomorrow I hope to:

- call the cable company, and the insurance company
- unpack some of the suitcases, and put clean clothing away
- find and charge the camera
- at least a couple loads of laundry
- clear off the stairs (I like to pile things here that need to go upstairs.. it is totally out of hand!)
- post photos!!! I feel like I haven't in forever :)

starting slow.... wish me luck.

PS: Check out the awesome pink and white twine I bought on etsy today for packaging christmas baked goods.


Nancy said...

Chelsea! You do more on a bad day than I do in three good ones. You should proud about that!

Lily said...

busy, busy...sounds like you need some scrappy time

Chelsea Van Tol said...

Hahah.. thanks nancy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea. Today you added me as a contact on Flickr which led me to check out your photostream and blog. I must say... I am so impressed by your creative endeavors. You remind me a lot of myself, except that you are far more accomplished than I! Finding the time to get things done (I'm speaking of arts & crafts here) can be quite challenging for me. And I don't even have a job! I hope you do not mind that I've added a couple of your photos to my favorites for inspiration, and I will be adding your blog to my reading list. If you want to, check out my blog, My Lovely Little Lair. I'm in the process of re-doing it right now but feel free to come anyway. Cheers!