Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet Mrs. B

So, last night I discovered a new blog that I really enjoyed! I haven't found a blog since Chez Larsson where I actually wanted to go back through the archives and read *everything*. She talks about decorating, documents a lot of her own projects, and she is a great example of how to achieve your own style on a budget.

Here is what Mrs. B's profile says:

I am a wife and mom to three children. On my blog you will find random bits about decorating my home, my family, places I love, and life in general. I hope that while you're here you find something to put a smile on your face!

Here she shares a great tip from Country Home magazine about building a DIY charging station for electronics like cell phones and iPods.

This photo shows off her daughters desk, made from a vintage vanity and chair that she re-painted white. So cute!! more pictures of the processes here.

Her Husband made this awesome trundle bed inspired by pottery barn kids. Look at all of the storage underneath.... my husband needs to learn how to build things so I can have one of these!! :) I am always desperately trying to find ways to make room in my home while getting clutter out of sight.

How cute is this little birdcage?

Go visit Mrs. B! If you're anything like me, you won't regret it!


LILIE said...

you have a lovely blog! i just popped over here from your flickr -- I was curious about the gorgeous Pyrex bowls you posted.

Momisodes said...

Very nice! I love that trundle bed idea. Methinks my hubby needs to learn how to build things like that too ;)

Micayla said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, it is always nice when someone new pops by!
I agree that birdcage is the cutest, I have a real thing for them!!

Lily said...

ooo, thanks for sharing! I need to create one of those charging stations. Thanks for the new addiction

Sallie said...

Nice blog you discovered. I have to add that to my list of blogs to look at. I also love your blog and went through your archives.