Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Remember this post from a while back?? I was just reading it.. and I thought wow, I managed to acquire most of those items! I purchased a filing cabinet in excellent shape at a garage sale for $5, acquired both of the shelves I was wanting *and* a little end table, and purchased a bunch of lovely vintage pyrex for $5/piece! Woot woot for me :) And somehow, I did it in less than a month, and got all of my items for less than $100.

So I guess it is time to post about newly lusted items (you didn't think that once I got what I was lusting I wouldn't want anything else did ya?)! This time, it is going to be a bit of a Christmas Wishlist since I am trying (and failing, arg) to be on a no buy challenge!

Decor8 recently made a post about quilts and it reminded me how much I want a quilt. I have thought about making one, and maybe eventually I will do it, but for now I will lust over these lovely ones on etsy.. they are unfortunately way out of my price range right now (although they are reasonably priced for a quilt, a lot of work goes into them). I just love the snuggly feeling of a handmade quilt.

My poor kitchen table is very bare and blah, it needs a bit of something! This oilcloth is just lovely and would match my decor perfectly. I also want some oilcloth to cover my desk with upstairs, eventually.

Just a couple from me this time, because I can hear Jude waking up from his nap. What are you lusting? Make a post like this on your blog, and I will link it here. Maybe we can all discover some great items that way!

1.Courtney's Lust List
2. Your name here - send in your list!


Courtney von T said...

okay i wrote down my list...although i want that quilt soooo bad!

Babz said...

Those oilcloth patterns are so pretty. I don't much about them but can you paste them on your table? Or would you just lay it on there? I need to make a list because I have so many lust items right now hah.

Chelsea Ling said...

babz - I think you could drape it like a table cloth, but if yuou want it not to move staple it to the underside with a staple gun