Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Photopost!!

Alright.. so here are a bunch of photos I have been meaning to share for a while - including two tags that I made last night for the BBC! I've added these all to flickr as well, so if you have flickr please be my friend! Am I desperate if I ask for friends? hehe...

Oh, as a side note - I added a little shoutout box on the right side where you can leave me little notes if you choose to do so. I hope you do, because who doesn't like notes? Right now it is looking a little sad, containing only the obligatory self testing post.

My desk.. currently.

An owl Christmas Ornament I made last night.. was intended to be a tag, but went in a different direction. Lol :)

Snowflake tag... I just used stuff already on my desk and I seemed to have a lot of pink/blue/wintery stuff around.

"Beautiful" tag. I like the color combos in this one! Again made from stuff hanging out on my desk.

The shelf I found a couple months ago at the flea market. I painted the insides teal and now it holds paint, and my owl collection. I have to put the rest of the owls up there!

I found this fish at VV in Moncton ages ago, but haven't yet posted it.

Mushroom sugar bowl I got at VV yesterday, isn't it cute?

These are all shots from a baby book I found at the flea market, from the 50's/60's. It had never been written in!! Too cute.

Owl bookend I got from a Garage sale (I got two).

Family of owls from VV and a little green ceramic tray made in the 70's from the flea market.

My very old (5 yrs!) purse from Macy's in NYC.

And to finish up... my little man wearing the awesome knitted cap Grandma bought him from the flea market.


Melissa said...

What awesome treasures, especially that little boy! :D

Helena said...

OOh fantastic post, love all the photos, well done on finding the old book it looks fab, love your shelf too!!!
Your boy sure does look cute!


splummer said...

Great photos of your "stuff"!! Your son is adorable!! Love your tags!!!

Courtney von T said...

I am so in love with Jude's hat!!!!
Love the owl collection...! :)

Nickel said...

beautiful tags. lovely detail and work

aimee! said...

Love your shelf.

You should seriously come fix up our house with some ideas. We have NOTHING up.

Carmen O. said...

What great treasures you have found. That baby book looks similar to mine, heck I was born in '61 so I guess it would :D. Your tags are fun and your little man is a living doll! Thanks for sharing.

Courtney von T said...

Girl you been tagged! check out my blog for details...

Jean at Penny Lane said...

That shelf is really NICE! How lucky you were to find it.

Naturally, the baby is the cutest.
I like that 3-6 month baby period the best.