Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inspiration Jumble!

I've found so many cool things lately.... so this entire post is dedicated to "stuff I think is neat".

Found via Decor8. These little onesies and accessories are hand appliqued.. but what I like best about them is that BOYS can wear them! I don't know how many little girl's custom clothing I have seen around etsy.. but ir's slim pickins when it comes down to finding cute boys stuff. Love it. The shop is called Bella Blue Designs, and they have a lot more great goodies so go check them out.. I'm particularily fond of the english bulldog..

This cutey fawn came from Etsy seller Anomaly Jewelery. This particular one is sold, but they have many other cute jewelery made from real silver. A bit pricey at $100-300 for the average piece, but how often do you find unique, good quality jewelery like that? If I had some extra money I would snap up a little deep or lamb so fast! They're having a 50% off sale for one day only - August 21st (Thursday). I'm totally bummed I'm going to miss out!

This pillow sold a while ago - but the seller now has up for sale a stuffed toy version of the pug. If you know me well at all, you know I pine for a pug of my own. Also check out her funny little stuffed girly acorns.

I AM DYING to buy these fun food patterns! They're all made of felt, and look at the beautiful details. I want Jude to have these. I don't want him chewing on Chinese plastic playfood. They have the craziest designs, even stuff like Chinese takeout and Mcdonalds Happy Meals.

I found this blog last night while browsing Flickr. She has a cute home and a cute daughter and makes cute stuff! The shot above is her daughter's room, and I now know what color I am going to paint my living room. Check out the rest of her photos on flickr.

The entire time I've been writing this, I've been listening to the music playing at Elizabeth Kartchner's blog. I originally left it open by mistake, but she really has a great bunch of music playing there.. so go check her out. She's crazy talented in addition to having good music taste.


Helena said...

Some really nice things that you have found, if we all had a couple of million lying around - sigh


Mariangeles M said...

I've definitively added your blog to my favourites!!!