Friday, August 8, 2008

Oooppps... missed a couple days!

Oh no. I have fallen off the daily post wagon. Things have been busy around here - again! My mom and I took Thursday to go and be tourists as I just needed a get out of the house day. We visited The Haunted Mansion in Kensignton, and I am ashamed to admit I was scared! I wanted to go back, but the entrance was behind a swinging bookshelf and we couldn't get out, lol. In the end it wasn't so bad, I just hate things popping out and making me jump. Jude didn't bat an eye at all, of course. We ended up having lots of fun at this silly/kitschy place. Here are a few photos from our "adventure".

After that, we drove to Souris to take my wedding dress in for alterations. Once it was properly pinned it looked *so* pretty :) It will be ready by next Thursday.. I can't wait! Although, I am not looking forward to wearing it for hours on the actual wedding day. The corset underneath was pretty uncomfy just during the 15 minutes fitting, eek. At least I'm wearing flat shoes right?

Yesterday, I went through and did a *very* thorough budget. I've somehow managed to work it out so we can pay most of the bills and still have a wee bit left over. It was terribly complicated though, with having to separate bills into multiple cheques and having five different paydays. I think some smoke was coming out of my ears during the process. Anyways, it is a relief to have everything written out and not be guessing about money anymore. I'm also starting to really watch the sales and use coupons (watch for a cuuuute magnetic coupon holder project soon!!) so hopefully we can get on a good track and actually begin saving, which would be amazing!

I'm really proud of myself lately :) I am getting my home looking great.. getting the money on track.. maybe someday I might also get around to losing some weight! lol! For some crazy reason, I find myself longing for winter (well, at least fall). Things will be so much less busy in winter that I can actually take time to enjoy things.. and I won't miss this crazy heat/humidity. I bet when winter actually comes around though that I will be complaining about it.

Anyways.. this post is becomming long so I'm going to finish it up w/ the list of my recent accomplishments:

- Changed sheets on bed and crib
- Vacuumed the upstairs - nursery, hallway, bedroom
- Did three loads of laundry. Folded, put away
- Cleaned off the coffee table
- Wiped all surfaces in the living room
- Went grocery shopping and came out *under* budget!! yay!
- Loaded/unloaded dishwasher
- Cleaned out the icky food from the fridge

Going to the flea market tomorrow! :D

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Helena said...

Oh wow, sounds like real fun, love the "blood" comming out of the taps!!!