Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Wedding Wedding!

Ooops.. so I missed a day again. I am not good at the daily posting thing in the summertime. Too many things to do and too much to see! However, I have a good reason for missing out on yesterday's post. My wedding invitations are *done*! Yes, even the ones for people in my bridal party (I've been putting them off forever lol). Today I just have to address and mail them which should be simple enough, let's hope. It is such a weight lifted off of my shoulders to finally be done with these. But don't worry, I still have a million wedding things left to do:

- Make a playlist. Matt and I are not going the easy route and letting our DJ just play whatever because we are slight indie music snobs and want to play 'cool' music. So, we have to make CDs for the wedding.
- Paint my card box. I am painting a little treasure chest in a cherry blossom motif to go with the overall theme.
- Decorate my guestbook. Why why why did I plan to do everything myself to save money?
- Sew all the table toppers. Hopefully my mother will do most of this. We have 13 satin square cloths to sew - half pink, half gold with brown edging. They should look pretty over the round white tablecloths!
- Make up a seating chart, and place cards. I'm making the place cards myself to match the invitations.
- Make a sign for the candy table so people know to take it and eat it and that it isn't a decoration. Apparently this is a common problem with candy buffets, lol.
- Decorate a pen for the guestbook table.
- Make programs. I have absolutely no plan yet for these. Maybe fan shaped?
- Come up with some vows. I don't feel creative enough to write my own so I am thinking I will steal some from the internet and modify them to my taste.

This wedding had better be worth all of the WORK! My poor printer has been through the ringer.


aimee! said...

Making a playlist for the wedding would be such a blast.

Any ideas on your "first dance" song? (If you intend on doing that, that is)

Chelsea Van Tol said...

we're still working on that.. but I know after we are married we are going to walk away to "this modern love" by bloc party.

Celena said...

oh i love that you posted your TO DO gives me an idea of what I need to think about doing pretty soon! and your colors choices are so cool, I'd love to see some of your stuff when you're done.

Helena said...

OOh gosh!!! That's a lot of work, but it will be worth it on the day, as it will make it a lot more personal to you!!


Me said...

It will all be woryh it!!!