Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey :)

Hey all... sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Life is *very* hectic right now. We had our "PEI Reception" over the weekend, and we currently have only 24 days until we leave for the wedding. Plus, I've been super sick with a kidney infection. Doesn't leave much time for blogging... or anything I enjoy for that matter, lol. My house has also managed to quite quickly slip into a disaster zone. Feeling a bit overwhelmed here at the moment. I'm excited about the wedding but very stressed at the same time. A few things aren't working out according to plan, and in true Chelsea form I am really worrying over them (trying my hardest not to.. but..) to the point where I keep having dreams about things going terribly wrong at the wedding.

Last night I dreamed that Matt had invited a bunch of girls to be bridesmaids that I didn't even know, and that they were wearing terrible yellow and pink lace/chiffon dresses with pink tights. Somehow, the wedding ended in a riot. I woke up feeling all angry and anxious, not exactly a great way to start the day.

Something else that's really been bothering me a lot lately is the color of the walls in our townhouse. They are pale pale yellow (might as well just be white, so BLAH) and I *hate* them. I really want to paint badly, but Matt says no painting because it is just a rental. I have managed to not live anywhere with white walls.. well... ever. I just don't like this is my home at all, and hate that feeling. All I want to do is just settle in and make my place really *mine*. Now I feel like I can't do that here, and want to move as soon as our lease is up in April. Matt doesn't get it and thinks the walls are fine (they are fine, I guess) and that I am nuts. I spend a big portion of my life at home and I just want to really love it. I hate sitting in my living room staring at the walls and hating them. We have a family now and soon we will be married.. I want to create a home for my child where he can love growing up. Sigh.

I do still have a million things to do, so I have to cut this post short but I will leave you with this photo from the weekend;

Matt, Granny Ling, and Me :)


Courtney von T said...

Hey hun!
Sorry to hear you have been stressing...
i was plagued for weeks with the nightmare of walking down the aisle naked...*shudder*
I have everything worked out for my dress and it will look awesome so if i freaked u out i am soooo sorry...
about your walls i read in one of my mags about using fabric and small tacks (clear ones) to put on a wall as an accent so it looks like wallpaper... i hate white walls too so i was kinda bugged i never thought of doing that myself...can you ask the landlords if they would appreciate painting?
my friend asked hers and they even helped pay for the paint as long as it was a neutral color...

aimee! said...

I've always lived in places with bare white walls, heh!
I blame it on idiots who paint over wallpaper.
Blech, why!

But cheer up, you've got lots of awesome ideas and this gives you time to have your whole place planned out for whenver you guys move out in April.

If you have any free time Saturday eve, come out and dance to some fun tunes at Ampersand. You can get drunk and wear a dress. It'll be like another practice wedding?!

Helena said...

OOh dear, I hope it all sorts itself out for you!!!

I can understand you wanting to make where you live a home, would the landlord pay for the paint and you DIY???

Cute pic