Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time Warp Wives

Ok - you *have* to read this crazy article!


Me said...

What the ????!!! I just can't even get started! I am going to make my Dh a Cake. But first I am going to go make myself Pretty!!!

Hazel said...

This article made me laugh so much!!!
Yikes, better go and find my lipstick :)

splummer said...

A little behind on the times I'd say. There's something weird about this!!

Robyn A. said...

I'll be the odd one out and say that I *love* that!

I don't see anything wrong with being a stay at home wife and wanting to make a nice, cozy home for your spouse. I am secure enough in my role as an equal partner to not be defined by it.

I don't have to bring home a paycheck to feel needed and equal in my marriage. My husband makes me feel that my effort at home is just as important as the work he does.

And you know what? It is. I am maintaining a home, raising happy and healthy children.

So, yeah...I make sure I look nice when my husband comes home from work. I put a nice dinner on the table, and I take care of the domestic tasks. It works beautifully for us.

Chelsea Van Tol said...

Robyn - I love it too! I see nothing wrong with doing whatever it is that you like best and are the best at... and for me it is maintaining our home and being a good mommy. It may be old fashioned but I love the feeling of taking care of Matt/him taking care of me. We each do something very important.. and even though our roles may be defined as 'traditional' for our sex - it works very well for us and neither of us feel slighted by it.

However, I don't think I could dress up like it was the 50's everyday or give up TV lol.

Robyn A. said...

Oh, heck *no* am I giving up TV! No way!!! And I agree with the clothes comment...I much prefer some cute cargo and a tshirt. I can still throw a cute apron over camo combat pants...right? :D