Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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This is the color I want on my living room walls... but matt says no paint :(

See you all soon. Have been busy with being sick, and wedding stuff.


Helena said...

Nice colour

ittybittybirdy said...

I painted my dining room that color! I love paint. I just tell my husband- if you help paint you can help choose the color. He never wants to help SO I GET TO CHOOSE. In our relationship and this is also advise I have been told from many friends. The woman gets to make most of the choices (the type that are for woman like what our house is going to look like) and the man has veto power. So he can say absolutely not- if he Really Hates something - but if he uses veto too much it will loose its power!!!

Best of luck with the wedding!!!

Chelsea Ann

P.S. If your renting and you would have to paint it all over when you leave. I would say no to painting too. Because we painted one wall in every room of our apartment thinking it wouldn't be that bad to paint over when we left. But it turned out to be a nightmare!

Thats a good idea though- maybe you could talk him into painting just accent walls!