Saturday, August 2, 2008

Loss of Camera? Fail :(

My camera is dead.

Yes, it is very sad news indeed. Something is wrong with the bettery, and it won't charge. As I posted the other day I am planning on getting a DSLR after my wedding - but my wedding is two months away. Faced with the idea of missing out on 2 months of my son's life in pictures, I decided to beg my mother for temporary custody of her camera. Lucky, I have a very wonderful mother and she agreed. Yay! I was in a tizzy over this yesterday though.. Jude was sitting in the laundry basket and looking totally beyond adorable and Matt and I thought it was a very pictureworthy moment. That's when we discovered the camera wasn't working and unfortunately we missed that shot. Ah well :(

Anywho, I started this post to talk about an inspiring blog I found today through Scrapscene (by the way, you should all sign up for their RSS feed and have the posts delivered right into your inbox. I did and love it). Her name is Leslie Ashe and here is some of her amazing work. I read her blog in it's entirety, something I often do when I find a really great blog.

I especially love the last one - that would make such an awesome gift. Actually, according to her blog it *was* a gift for her sister.


Helena said...

OOh nooooo!!!!!!

Hope you get a new one soon!!!!

Cool site, must have a peek!


Leslie Ashe said...

Hi there! I was sent to your blog by a sweet friend who happened upon your sweet post :)

I wanted to say THANK you so much. How sweet are you to comment about me! You have no made my day. Thank you again!

Happy Blogging!!
Leslie Ashe